Bucket List


1. To Be Healthy and at Peace with my Body
2. To Love and Be Loved in Return
3. Go Abroad
4. Learn How to Dance
5. Learn a Foreign Language
6. To Be Kissed in the Rain
7. This is a Private One, Only for Me.
8. Take a Photography Class
9. Own a High Quality Camera
10. Own a Poster from Every Musical that I See
11. Get a Tattoo of "beauty" on my Inner Wrist in White Ink
12. Watch a Sunrise.
13. Watch a Sunset.
14. Go to Greece.
15. Go to Japan.
16. Go to Hawaii.
17. Spend a Major Holiday Abroad.
18. Have a Big Family.
19. Get Married in October.
20. Spend One Christmas Just Me and My Husband.
21. Have a White Christmas.
22. Take a Cooking Class.
23. Learn How to Make Fancy Cupcakes.
24. Go to New Orleans.
25. Own an Alaskan Malamute and Name Her Mo.
26. Own Three Cats and Name Them Rose, Tink and Pascal.
27. Go On My First Date.
28. Go to Italy.
29. Camp on the Beach.
30. Get Drunk on the Beach.
31. Go On a Camping Trip that Requires Horseback Riding.
32. Meet Nicole Kidman.
33. Meet Ryan Reynolds.
34. Go to a Lady GaGa Concert.
35. Live in an Apartment in New York for a Short Time.
36. Pet a Giraffe.
37. Be an Extra in a Movie.
38. Be the Voice of a Disney Princess.
39. Continue a New Years Tradition with my Girlfriends.
40. Go on a No-Budget Shopping Spree.
41. Be in a Dancing Flash Mob.
42. Visit Africa.
43. Meet Michael Buble.
44. Have a Decent Snowball Fight.
45. Kiss Someone at Midnight on New Years.
46. Be a Bartender.
47. Have a Full Bar at my House.
48. Attend the Red Carpet Before The Oscars.
49. Design My Own Home.
50. Lose My Virginity.
51. Go on a Cruise with my Girlfriends.
52. Go on a Cruise with my Boyfriend or Husband.
53. Do a No H8 Photo Shoot.
54. Have a Pool in my Backyard.
55. Use My Fake Name (Barbie) Every Time I Go to Starbucks.
56. Visit Australia.
57. Go Cow Tipping.
58. Meet Zooey Deschanel.
59. Meet Liz Gilbert.
60. Meet Julia Roberts.
61. See Florence + The Machine in Concert.
62. See Adele in Concert.
63. See Regina Spektor in Concert.
64. Take My Children to Walt Disney World.
65. Go to the Miyazaki Theme Park.
66. Touch an Orca.
67. Learn How to Make Tiramisu.
68. Go to Vegas with my Girlfriends.
69. Meet Neil Patrick Harris.
70. See Neil Patrick Harris Perform On Stage.
71. Meet Alan Rickman.
72. Read the Bible.
73. Do New Years in Times Square.
74. Sing a Duet with Chris Colfer.
75. Do a Singing Flash Mob.
76. Sing with Friends in Times Square.
77. See Every Cirque du Soleil Show.
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