100 Things About Me


With contributions from my friends.

1.                My hair is all natural. Blonde and curly.
2.             I will watch a movie over and over. Sometimes several times in one day.
3.              I would love to spend the rest of my life in the Pacific Northwest.
4.             Peter Pan is my favorite fairy tale. I love all forms of the story.
5.             Most of the music on my iPod are musicals.
6.             When I am in candid group photographs I am usually doing something that entails the caption “Aaaaand Kelsey.” – Gabe
7.              I can dissect your laugh and tell you the exact word it sounds like. (With help) – KeeleyAnn
8.             While I went to most, if not all, of my high school football games, I only went to two during my college career.
9.             I am fond of finding movies from my childhood and watching them on YouTube.
10.         I can sing a high D, above the staff. (Which is pretty high.)
11.            I can sing a low D, below the staff. (Which is pretty low.)
12.        The above statements both mean that I have a four octave range. (Which a pretty large range.)
13.         If I didn’t feel so called to be a high school choral director, I would be perfectly happy as a kindergarten teacher.
14.         For my 18th birthday I took a group of my closest friends to a bouncy house place and we played on inflatable party accessories for close to two hours
15.         I was the drum major my senior year of high school.
16.        I played clarinet from fifth grade to my senior year.
17.         I don’t have a favorite holiday. I like them all.
18.        My favorite season is fall.
19.        I want to get married in October.
20.      If I worked in a Disney Park I would want to be a singing voice over for the Disney Princesses.
21.        If I was in Harry Potter I would be in Ravenclaw and my wand would be a thirteen inch cherry wood with a phoenix feather.
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