The Dancer

Old Enough To Know Better.
Young Enough To Do It Anyway.

This is me!

I'm Kelsey. I'm a twenty-something college student majoring in music education with an aspiration to be a high school choral director.

I was born in Germany, I grew up in Kansas, I went to middle school and high school in California, and I now call Washington my home. I am entering my senior year of college and I am weirded out super excited. After this year all I have is a semester of student teaching before I'm out on my own. That is a scary thought.

I live in the top floor of a duplex with one of my best friends in the world. We have dubbed our little house The Muffin Top. Harmony is a music ed major too, but her focus is in orchestral music. She plays string bass.

Me? I sing. I sing Alto Two in choir but my voice teacher swears that I am a Soprano and I can sing Soprano One, so I have a pretty wide range. I love singing. If I thought that I was good enough, and if I didn't want to spend the rest of my life struggling with hormonal teenagers bringing the joy of music into the lives of young people, I would want to be a vocal performance major. Music is my life actually. I eat, breathe, sleep, live, AM music. I don't think a day goes by without me at least whistling something, or having a song stuck in my head.

I started this Year in Photos Blog on a whim in 2011. I am not a photographer and I don't have the skills to be a photographer (right now at least) and I don't even have a decent camera. But I like taking pictures and it's been super fun taking these pictures every day. I can't actually believe that I did this for a whole year!

I'm not going anywhere though. I love blogging and I want to continue. I don't know exactly what I will do with this blog now, but whatever I do I'm sure I'll enjoy it. Who knows. Maybe someday I will have a blog that people follow.

I also have a tumblr that is called Simply Kelsey. It's just a way for me to follow tumblrs that I like. And I reblog the things that make me smile.

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