Sunday, January 1, 2012

One Whole Year

364 & 365

Well. It's been a whole year. I actually can't believe that I actually did it! I made it through the whole year! Pictures everyday! (Well....almost everyday. :D)

So here are the pictures from New Years!

On the 30th I went to spend the day with my best friend Maurine. And we went with her mom to get our nails done! And then we went to Olive Garden and ate until we almost exploded! It was amazing. :)

Then Maurine and I headed up to Megan's for our Second Annual Girls Night Out for New Years Eve!

Starting to get ready! Aren't we the hottest?

I have another picture very similar to this from last year!

Megan putting her mascara on!

 Me putting my mascara on!

Me and my BEAUTIFUL friends!!!!

Hot Maurine!! :D

Gawgeous Megan!

Me in my new party dress!

In the car on the way to Seattle!

After dinner at The Cheesecake Factory (where we ran into a friend of ours from school) we went to our favorite bar Tini Biggs and the bar next door Hula Hula. We did some karaoke too! I sang "Like a Prayer" by Madonna, Megan sang "Born This Way" by Lady GaGa, and Maurine sang "Why Haven't I Heard From You" by Reba! It was Megan and Maurine's first time doing karaoke and they had SO MUCH FUN! :D We had yummy drinks and saw LOTS of fun people!

At around 11:30 we went to our car which was parked at the top of a parking garage so we could relax a little before we watched the fireworks at the Space Needle. We took our traditional picture before the fireworks! The fireworks were great this year. I'll post those pictures another day.

After fighting the horrendous New Years traffic and getting lost in Ballard we finally made it back to Megan's house to eat food and have some drinks!

Our spread!

The bar! (We didn't even make a dent in the drinks. No worries.)

All in all it was a really fun evening and I am so glad we got to do this again! We'll probably do it next year too and hopefully for many years after that!

I would like to say thank you to Megan and Maurine for being the only ones who consistently read my blog this year. I will continue with this blog as well as my Tumblr. I don't know what will happen here but I do like blogging so I will continue here! :)

Have a happy and wonderful new year and I'll see you around!

Kelsey Page
“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” ~Matthew 6: 33-34

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