Friday, November 25, 2011

Turkey Day! Happy Happy Turkey Day! Lots of Yummy Turkey Day!

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Thanksgiving Weekend. The weekend that I have been looking forward to for several weeks now. I was so happy that it was here that I sang the words in the Post Title for about half an hour straight. If you ask Megan she'll tell you. She was present as I was doing so. Hahaha. The weekend isn't over yet thankfully, but I do have some homework to do over the next couple of days but I have the time and I can just relax. None of it is pressing, but if I get it done by Sunday I will be the happiest I've been this year. So that's my ultimate goal. (More on this later.) SO onto the pictures.


I only had one class and then I was heading north with Megan and her sister Linnea to their house for Turkey Day. I am so blessed to have such a good friend that is willing to invite me and then for her to have such amazing parents to say "Yes you can bring a friend home." I am so lucky. That first night we went out to our favorite bar in Seattle, Tini Biggs. We met up with a couple of their friends from high school so we had a decent sized group that night.

I started my night with a Dirty Girl Scout. Espresso vodka, chocolate liqueur, heavy cream, green creme de menthe, and a graham cracker rim. It. Was. So. Good. SO GOOD. I will get it again some time.

Megan was the DD that night so she only had one drink. It's our favorite at Tini Biggs, The French 75. Gin, fresh lemon juice, simple syrup, champagne and a lemon twist. Super yum.

This is Linnea. Megan's twin. She's older by five OR four minutes. (Depending on who you ask.) She started  with a Raspberry Basil Smash. It was super good. (We all played pass the drink.) Later she had an Aloe Martini which was actually pretty interesting. I wouldn't order it but it wasn't bad.

This was my second drink. Megan and I play this game where we pick a drink for each other and we're not allowed to tell what it is until we take a sip. This was the Tequila Old Fashioned. Tequila, bitters, and Orange Peel. AND brandied cherries. (WHICH WERE SO GOOD! I could have just eaten those all night.)


TURKEY DAY! We "slept in" after not going to bed until 3:00 am (Megan and I stayed up and watched X-Men: First Class). So we got up around 9:30 and ate a quick Egg McMuffin and then we started off on preparations! I peeled a HUGE giant bag of potatoes for mashed 'tatoes, Megan chopped dried fruit for a salad and we watched as the Cider Glazed Turkey got put in the oven. It was a beautiful thing. Then we started in on their Thanksgiving tradition of a puzzle, and then Megan and I recorded one of the covers we've been working on!

 Megan and I also decided on this night that we wanted to try and replicate the French 75. So we got out the GIANT Shaker....

And the ingredients. (See above.) So we mixed it up, tried it, and were immediately crushed. Not the same taste. Not nearly as sweet. So we tried a couple other things like no lemon juice, extra sugar and then maraschino cherry juice. Again, no dice, but it wasn't as bad. This is what the second round looked like after  mixing it all up. It looks super pretty. We couldn't decide what to name it (not that we'll make it again.)

This is Gail and Buzz, Megan and Linnea's parents. They are super amazing. Gail is just so sweet and Buzz is super funny. They are standing with the completed turkey (and it was SO yummy!!!!!)

This is what the centerpieces looked like. We had fourteen people at the table in all so there were several along the table. It's very pretty. :)

 So for the rest of the night it was just food and more food and drinks and merriment and the puzzle. We finished the 1,000 piece puzzle with the assistance of all fourteen people at some point and it was a great victory when we finished it. Megan and I finished our night with the cartoon version of The Secret Garden, granted we both fell asleep in the middle of it. It was a glorious Turkey Day.


At some point early this morning Linnea came down to wake Megan and I up to go Black Friday Shopping. Both Megan and I groaned (we refrained from muttering obscenities) said no and went back to sleep. Then we woke up, finished The Secret Garden, ate apple pie for breakfast, and then I had to head home. I unpacked and finished a book that I had borrowed from Megan and then I dove into homework.

This is the list I had for myself.

I finished my chapter 8 reflections and figured out what I wanted to do for my adaptive prototype. Granted it took me three hours to finally finish them BUT I did it. Now I can really focus in on my philosophy test and conducting as well as choir music. But those are all very attainable for two days.

I've had a really great weekend so far. I do have to go to work tomorrow and Sunday but other than that I can just kind of kick back and take my time with the homework. :)

Kelsey Page
“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” ~Matthew 6: 33-34

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