Friday, August 19, 2011

California Sunshine


This is the glimpse I had of the sun rising as I began my long arduous journey back to the Pacific Northwest. I loves how it was reflecting off of my side view mirror and I knew that I had to take a shot of it. It was so pretty and I felt really good about my journey at that point.

As the day went on I got several texts of love and encouragement from my friends. I called my mom when I stopped to get gas or take a potty break. I was making really really good time. The weather was beautiful, all sunshine, no clouds. I even got a sunburn on my left arm. I have a really hot burn line which will turn into a tan in a few days. (As long as I keep putting aloe on it.)

And then I got just outside of Portland and it all went downhill from there.

There was traffic due to road work and while it was moving, it was kinda slow. I was still in the fast lane and didn't really feel like moving over. So I'm just moving along and I glanced down at my iPod to change songs I think when all of a sudden I hear screeching and a bang. I look up and the cars in front of me are slamming their brakes. So I slam mine on because the grey sedan was very rapidly getting closer. Thankfully I stopped in time and the old guy behind me stopped too, so I emerged from it unscathed. I think a couple cars up ahead of me got into a fender bender and I thought I saw them heading towards the next exit, but I'm not sure.

So then we started moving again. Then I got to Portland.

Now, I'm not a fan of driving through Portland to begin with. On the way south I always worry about staying on I-5 and trying to remember what lane to stay in. And on the way north it's fine but all of the other people are crazy and can't remember what lane to stay in to make their exits.

So anyway. I was stuck in Portland traffic for an hour. A drive that usually takes about ten or fifteen minutes took an hour. AND I had to pee. AND I had been in the car for eleven hours. AND I was tired. So I was a little angry. There were some tears. I even had a nice long yelling fest conversation with God asking Him what was going on. It wasn't pretty.

After Portland, things are going good. I figured that I would make it home by at least seven thirty if I kept going at the speed I was going. Things were fine, I was bopping along to my music and then I got to Nisqually. Traffic. Again. It was Fort Lewis traffic backed all the way up to Nisqually. Which is a good distance away. So once again there were tears. I didn't have to pee cuz I had already stopped to do that, but I was plenty angry. So I yelled at had a conversation with God. I actually told Him that I was angry with Him. So I called my grandpa and asked for the back way from DuPont. He told me.

I got off on the exit he told me and tried to follow the directions but he either must have given me the wrong exit, or the wrong directions.

To make an already too long story shorter I finally found my way home. I got home at almost eight, but it would have been later if I had tried to fight the second round of traffic.

So, I'm home, a little worse for wear, but safe. :)

Kelsey Page
“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” ~Matthew 6: 33-34

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