Monday, August 22, 2011

Warning: Gross Factor Ahead.


So. I have warts on my feet. And I actually have a little one growing on my finger. And I took pictures of them today (kinda) so if you don't like feet/warts then I recommend that you skip today's post.

It's not pretty.

So yes. Warts. A lot of them. And I need to get rid of them. So I've been using Compound-W to shrink them so I don't have to go to the doctor. I usually use gel/liquid stuff but I bought the re-medicated bandaids for my bigger ones. So I took pictures of the bandaids on my warts.

The one on the tiny one on my finger. Hopefully this one will go away soon because it's new.

And another new-ish small one. This one should go away soon too.

This is the gross-er picture because you can see the warts that are on the bottom of my feet (which are kinda gross anyway)

The two that these bandaids are covering up are the two biggest ones I have. And the most visible. So I'm really hoping that these will go away with out having to go to the doctor.

:) Happy gross out!

Kelsey Page
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