Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Monday: Straight Hair


So we're getting ready for Halloween here at The Muffin Top.

We know that it's still September. But we throw a party here at The Muffin Top. We had an epic Halloween Party last year. Complete with costume contest. So this year we are working on throwing an even better one.

Because costumes are required at this party I started thinking about what I wanted to be. I was thinking I would be a hippie because I have this excellent little crocheted shirt that I got from the Sweeney costume closet. But when Harmony saw my new hair she told me I should be Jareth from the movie Labyrinth.

 He looks like this. (He's played by David Bowie)

So we went thrifting on Sunday night (Question mark? Maybe. Sometime this weekend) to look for costumes and we found the right shirt and the right vest to make it work. I already have the leggings and the boots needed. So I bought them. And I'm going to be Jareth for Halloween. 

I wasn't sure if my hair would work for the look so Harmony straightened my hair. And it looked FABULOUS. It's totally David Bowie hair. It works so well. I decided to leave it overnight and I still looked great the next day.

I had a good body image day on Monday. :)

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