Saturday, September 17, 2011

Friday: Practicum and NOMT


My Friday was quite the experience. I got to sleep in for a little bit. When I woke up I was going to do some of my philosophy reading but I ended up doing some other things. They weren't unproductive, but they really weren't all that productive.

So then I went to practicum class and we talked about the strike that's going on in a city close to us. It was really pretty interesting to talk about strikes and what we should do in case we as new teachers are ever caught up in one.

And then I had to frantically try and get to my practicum school in less time than I thought I had. AND THEN I got stuck in HORRIBLE traffic and I ended up being late.

I will admit that I got a little flustered and anxious on the way there, but when I got there, the teacher I'm doing practicum with was SO chill and relaxed about it. She said it was all fine and that I really didn't need to worry. So I got to watch her last class and a half of the day. She has such a calm way of teaching and even when she was dealing with her trouble makers she stayed so chill.

I now know why I was put in her classroom for practicum, other than the physical reason that I had her on my list. I've always been kind of high strung and anxious and it's hard for me to relax in teaching settings, so I think that God is trying to tell me that it's ok for me to relax when I'm teaching by giving me first hand experience with a teacher who has been doing this for twenty years.

After practicum was done I headed home and prepared for my NOMT audition. NOMT is Night Of Musical Theater. It's a yearly Broadway review type show and it's pretty popular. I auditioned a couple years ago but didn't make the cut. I wanted to try again this year especially because my voice has grown and developed so much in the last couple of years. So I went and sang my heart out.

I sang "I Don't Know How To Love Him" from Jesus Christ Superstar. It went really well and then there were little group singing things. A harmony song and just some basic sight reading stuff. We read Velma Kelley's part from Cellblock Tango (from the show Chicago), and I swear I'm not being conceited, but I KILLED IT! I felt really good about myself afterwards!

It was a pretty good day all in all!

Kelsey Page
Did I Go To The Gym Today?: No. I'm beginning to realize that I may have to rethink this gym thing....
“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” ~Matthew 6: 33-34

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