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This is Alex. He is one of the sweetest men I have ever met. He has such a kind heart but he's a little silly at times. He is a Bass Two in choir with me and that makes him even cooler. :)

2. Nickname: AMP
3. Age: 20
4. Favorite Color: Blue
5. Where were you born?: I DON’T KNOW!!!! Really – I don’t. I do know the county : )
6. One guilty pleasure: Anime – don’t judge
7. Name something you do when you’re alone that you wouldn’t do in front of others: Workout in my room. Too bad I never have time/my roommate is there
8. Something you are terrified of: FAILURE
9. What is your bedtime routine?: Brush teeth, set alarm, get in bed, jump out of bed to double check alarm so that I don’t miss class, and get back in bed.
10. What is your strangest talent?: Blondness
11. You have infiltrated Panda Express Headquarters in order to procure their secret recipes. While making your exit, you are spotted by the security guards. What is your plan of action?: I am going to reprimand them for not being diligent on their posts as I (the executive of the security company that he is hired through) managed to get through. I would then proceed to lecture them and call them in on their boss – which I would somehow have connections with, and complain to them – confusing the guard. I would leave when their supervisor calls in.
12. When was the last time you played air guitar?: I don’t know…not often that I play it. Now air cello – yesterday
13. Which shoe do you put on first?: The one that is the most untied
14. Are you wearing socks right now?: Yes. My friend calls them D socks and tries to write their initials on them every time they have a permanent marker. They are really “Champion” socks. Cheers to D.O.
15. Favorite kind of pizza: Chicken Alfredo of some sort
16. Do you wear a watch?: No…last one I had in high school got stolen and the one I bought for studying away broke as well – so I guess I do carry it in my backpack.
17. What were you doing last week at this time?: I was actually in choir
18. Do you collect anything?: YES. Underwear And socks. LOTS of them. It kind of happens that I don’t like to do laundry a lot and I like those articles of clothing to be fresh…
19. Something that makes you happy every time you see it: PEOPLE! (that I like or that make me happy!)
20. Scrunch or fold: FOLD! Certain parts of my life are organized. My clothes (in the drawer) are one of them. Outside of the drawer…different story.
21. You are the hero of a Japanese television show. What are you wearing, what are your secret powers and describe your magical transformation process?: T-shirt and Jeans. My ability is to control all water – allowing me to basically magically do anything with water (including freeze it). A transformed version would be me becoming completely liquid. (my best attack would be sucking the water out of a person.)
22. Your favorite time of day: Any time
23. Beach or Forest: Beach! The water is there!
24. Last time you got stopped by a cop or pulled over: Summer before senior year – my car registration was apparently out of date. We had the stickers, they just hadn’t been put on…
25. If you could be in any television show or movie, what would it be and why?: Anything where I could be the water mage dude.
26. Do you doodle during class?: Yes – but I create doodles at to organize my life : )
27. At the movie theatre which arm rest is yours?: Depends what the other person is doing. I like to lean on the right one though.
28. How do you eat your cookies?: Dough or fresh and hot!
29. If you could only go abroad to one country, where would you go?: I am not willing to limit myself to one decision...but I do want to go to Australia next J-term!
30. You are New York Fashion Week and have been hired by Armani to infiltrate Michael Kors’ runway show. What materials will you need to execute your plan?: Underwear, a year in the gym to actually establish abs, and three months in a tropical climate to establish a contrasting tan with my extra white summer hair.
31. Have you ever ridden in a taxi cab?: Yes – in Fargo. It was late and cold.
32. Have you ever stuck a foreign object up your nose?: A pencil probably when I was a kid - I was greatly influenced by my childhood movies, oh Little Rascals!
33. Do you use the snooze button on your alarm clock?: yes…but only after standing there for a minute considering how badly I want to get into my warm bed
34. What is your best friends Mom’s name?: Liz
35. Have you ever had a poem or song written about you?: Yes – but it was done using all music lyrics.
36. Did you go to summer camp as a child?: Lutherhaven! WHOOT!
37. If you knew you were going to be on a desert island, what kind of sandwich would you bring?: Turkey pesto cran - with lettuce and tomato
38. What is your favorite thing to buy at OMM?: NAKED
39. Innie or Outie?: Kind of personal. Why don’t I just show you? Yeah, it’s an innie.
40. Google or Yahoo: GOOGLE! (Don’t forget to use Google Chrome people!!!)

Kelsey Page
“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” ~Matthew 6: 33-34

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