Saturday, March 19, 2011

Miss Alicia


This is Alicia. Isn't she just as cute as a button? She is just so sweet and fun to be around. I really enjoy spending time with her. Sometimes she understands what I'm going through when no one else does. She is also a HUGE book nerd. [Kinda like I am. Only I'm a closet book nerd.] :)

1. Full Name: Alicia Elizabeth Faith Johnson
2. Nickname: Ali (but don’t call me that…)
3. Age: 21
4. Favorite Color: Blue!
5. Where were you born?: Puyallup, WA
6. One guilty pleasure: Hmm…nostalgic things. Things I should be way too old for.
7. Name something you do when you’re alone that you wouldn’t do in front of others: Well, . But really, probably belly-dancing. I took like, 3 years of belly-dancing classes in high school. I find it kind of embarrassing, actually.
8. Something you are terrified of: God, what a long list. Oceans, sharks, being stabbed in the leg with a knitting needle, clarinet-playing assassins (if I haven’t told you this story, ask me, it’s really funny!).
9. What is your bedtime routine?: Walk into room, close and lock door, think “Oh crap, I really need to brush my teeth….oh well.”, get changed, close the blinds, realize that I changed before closing my blinds, get in bed, read for 30 minutes to an hour, turn off light, snuggle with bear, and sleep.
10. What is your strangest talent?: I can wiggle my nose? Well that’s not very strange…I can fit 8 marshmallows in my mouth and still say Chubby Bunny? I can talk really high and sound like Sailor Moon…? I don’t know. I’m strange, but not in talented ways, I don’t think.
11. You have infiltrated Panda Express Headquarters in order to procure their secret recipes. While making your exit, you are spotted by the security guards. What is your plan of action?: Stuff the recipies in my bra for safe keeping and then hold my hands up like, “What, I don’t have anything!” Then, if they continue to approach, I would use my supersonic screaming power to paralyze them, jump over their heads, and run for the door. Of course they weren’t paralyzed for long, so they’re running after me with earplugs, somehow knowing of my secret powers. So I run through those spinney glass doors and make them spin super fast until we’re all stuck just running around. Then finally, we all get dizzy and they collapse, and the doors get stuck, so I stumble out the front door, where my ride is waiting for me and I jump in and we zoom away to the nearest kitchen. Orange chicken here I come…
12. When was the last time you played air guitar?: Whenever I last heard Audioslave’s “Like a Stone.” Whenever that was. I’d say about two weeks ago. Though I’m more likely to sing like a guitar than play an imaginary one…
13. Which shoe do you put on first?: Always the right one. Always.
14. Are you wearing socks right now?: Ugh, Lord no. I only wear socks when absolutely necessary. With shoes. I hate socks. Feet should be free.
15. Favorite kind of pizza: Canadian bacon and pineapple from JJ’s (which is now closed! But it used to be a block from my house in Tacoma)
16. Do you wear a watch?: Nope. But I inherited one.
17. What were you doing last week at this time?: Waiting in Tim’s room for him to finish getting ready so we could go to breakfast…
18. Do you collect anything?: Postcards and bears. Teddy bears, bear candle holders, bear candles, bear stamps. I like bears. They’re cute.
19. Something that makes you happy every time you see it: BEARS, Hello Kitty, any puppy. Any puppy (seriously, be with me when I see a puppy and it’s like walking with someone who has puppy radar.), puppy and kitty pictures, a bookstore, money, and people I love.
20. Scrunch or fold: Scrunch or fold what…? Hair? Money? Clothing? What…?
21. You are the hero of a Japanese television show. What are you wearing, what are your secret powers and describe your magical transformation process?: I would be Emo Woman! Taking out my magical transformation eyeliner and uncapping it, I begin to transform! My hair straightens and turns black with a dark blue streak on one side. Suddenly, I’m wearing cute arm warmers that change with my mood, black skinny jeans and a black T-shirt with Hello-Kitty zombie on it. I put on the magic eyeliner for the final touches. And Paralyzer by Finger Eleven plays as I transform. My attacks are supersonic scream, rain of tears, slash, and the ability to paralyze my enemies with loud renditions of Evanescence songs.
22. Your favorite time of day: Night.
23. Beach or Forest: Forest.
24. Last time you got stopped by a cop or pulled over: Well, I’ve never personally been pulled over. But the last time I was in a car when it was pulled over, my mom was driving and one of our headlights was out. We were driving in Grant county WA, which is equivalent to Fircrest WA. The police just run your plates or pull you over and fine you for the smallest thing, because that’s how the county makes it’s money…
25. If you could be in any television show or movie, what would it be and why?: Star Trek Voyager (I’m nerdy). I love that cast, and it looks fun! And there are some attractive people in that cast…
26. Do you doodle during class?: Yup—it got me through Music History 1.
27. At the movie theatre which arm rest is yours?: Depends on who I’m sitting with. But if I’m just hanging with friends, the left one. If I’m on a date, whichever arm rest is closest to them.
28. How do you eat your cookies?: In one bite, with milk.
29. If you could only go abroad to one country, where would you go?: England, England, England! I have this plan to do a writer’s tour of England and go see Shakespeare’s house and Jane Austen and Viriginia Woolf and William Faulkner…Must go….
30. You are New York Fashion Week and have been hired by Armani to infiltrate Michael Kors’ runway show. What materials will you need to execute your plan?: Black, three-inch stilettos, a screwdriver, fourteen safety pins, a hairbrush, 5 new pink-pearl erasers, a sharpie pen, two shots of vodka, a skein of blue silk, and a high-power fan.
31. Have you ever ridden in a taxi cab?: Nope.
32. Have you ever stuck a foreign object up your nose?: Not my nose. I put a rock in my ear once in fourth grade (when I should have known better!)—worst feeling ever.
33. Do you use the snooze button on your alarm clock?: Not lately, but in the past.
34. What is your best friends Mom’s name?: Virginia
35. Have you ever had a poem or song written about you?: Yup.
36. Did you go to summer camp as a child?: Seven years in a row at Camp Lutherhaven.
37. If you knew you were going to be on a desert island, what kind of sandwich would you bring?: The Italian Maniac. It’s a sandwich the IGA makes where my grandma lives. Three kinds of wonderful Italian meats, cheddar and provolone, lettuce, red onion, pickles, and pepperocinis. Best. Sandwich ever.
38. What is your favorite thing to buy at OMM?: Rice crispy treats…mmm…
39. Innie or Outie?: Innie
40. Google or Yahoo: Google, but I used to shun it. I used to be very much a Yahoo girl.

Kelsey Page
“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” ~Matthew 6: 33-34

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