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This is Molly. She has been on here before. She cheered me up with Rose's Turn sung by Kurt from Glee. And I love her. And miss her. I don't see her near enough. And that makes me sad. But I still love her. :D We are really weird when we're together.

Also: Molly, I use Yahoo. :P

1. Full Name: Molly Alyssum Swanson. Alyssum is a flower. My daddy is a Fringy [After a beatnik, before a hippie] and very much into nature. My eldest sister’s middle name is Flower, the next sister’s is Rose, and my little brother’s is William- my father’s name BUT there is also a plant named Sweet William. My sister’s children’s middle names are Lilac and Ash [a kind of tree]. The tradition will continue as we all have kids. We already all agreed.
2. Nickname: Molly Polly, Mocha-chick-a-lay [I don’t know, that’s what my dad calls me.] Smally Wanson, and Lady
3. Age: 21
4. Favorite Color: I am currently into Purple
5. Where were you born?: Shelton, Washington YO!
6. One guilty pleasure: Terrible Pop music…
7. Name something you do when you’re alone that you wouldn’t do in front of others: Practice acting out varying show tunes.
8. Something you are terrified of: MOTHS
9. What is your bedtime routine?: Fall over….? Lately, I’ve forgotten to actually wash my face and take out my contacts and just head straight for the mattress.
10. What is your strangest talent?: I can put both my legs behind my head.
11. You have infiltrated Panda Express Headquarters in order to procure their secret recipes. While making your exit, you are spotted by the security guards. What is your plan of action?: Ditch the food. I hate Panda Express…
12. When was the last time you played air guitar?: Last night, leaving Michael and Alex’s recital.
13. Which shoe do you put on first?: ALWAYS the right.
14. Are you wearing socks right now?: Oh yes. My feet are always cold. Socks are crucial.
15. Favorite kind of pizza: Garlic Chicken
16. Do you wear a watch?: Nah.
17. What were you doing last week at this time?: I was in a voice lesson feeling frustrated with myself at my lack of preparation.
18. Do you collect anything?: Glass jars and bottles. I think they’re pretty and you can use them for anything.
19. Something that makes you happy every time you see it: Harstad. I love how old and beautiful it is and I love walking past it onto campus.
20. Scrunch or fold: Huh?
21. You are the hero of a Japanese television show. What are you wearing, what are your secret powers and describe your magical transformation process?: Number one: WHY? I am wearing leather pants and a leather coat and kick-ass pointy boots. I have a secret ability to shoot acid out of my heels whenever I kick someone in the face. I do this thing where I pelvic thrust and suddenly, I’m no longer wearing my converse!!!!!
22. Your favorite time of day: NAP TIME
23. Beach or Forest: Forest
24. Last time you got stopped by a cop or pulled over: Two Saturdays ago. I don’t have a muffler… that’s relatively illegal.
25. If you could be in any television show or movie, what would it be and why?: Parks and Recreation, because Amy Poehler is a genius
26. Do you doodle during class?: Nope, I make lists
27. At the movie theatre which arm rest is yours?: The right one
28. How do you eat your cookies?: I shove the whole damn thing in my mouth [that’s what she said.]
29. If you could only go abroad to one country, where would you go?: Jerusalem.
30. You are New York Fashion Week and have been hired by Armani to infiltrate Michael Kors’ runway show. What materials will you need to execute your plan?: Cyanide and Chloroform. I know how to tear it up, yo.
31. Have you ever ridden in a taxi cab?: Nope.
32. Have you ever stuck a foreign object up your nose?: … I can’t remember.
33. Do you use the snooze button on your alarm clock?: No I just turn the alarm OFF.
34. What is your best friends Mom’s name?: Gwen.
35. Have you ever had a poem or song written about you?: YES!!! It was the dream of my life to have a boy write a song about me and for Christmas in 2008, my ex-boyfriend Martin wrote me the most beautiful song called Sweet Alyssum. I cried hysterically through it the first time he played it for me. It’s SOOOOOO cute.
36. Did you go to summer camp as a child?: Dunes Bible Camp is where it’s AT.
37. If you knew you were going to be on a desert island, what kind of sandwich would you bring?: Turkey, Ranch and Swiss toasted from Quizno’s
38. What is your favorite thing to buy at OMM?: Pepsi and Kit Kat bars
39. Innie or Outie?: Innie
40. Google or Yahoo: Google!!! Yahoo is for MORONS.

Kelsey Page
“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” ~Matthew 6: 33-34

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