Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Questionnaire


Because I didn't have another friend questionnaire for today, I decided to post the questionnaire with MY answers today. I hope that you enjoy my answers.

This is a picture of me as an infant in Germany!

1. Full Name: Kelsey Page Hamm
2. Nickname: Scrapes, Scarpes, Kels
3. Age: 21
4. Favorite Color: Green
5. Where were you born?: Stuttgart Germany
6. One guilty pleasure: Trashy Magazines
7. Name something you do when you’re alone that you wouldn’t do in front of others: Write stories
8. Something you are terrified of: Snakes
9. What is your bedtime routine?: Set my alarm, take my contacts out, take a shower, hair gel, brush my teeth, turn on my fan, read a chapter of a book.
10. What is your strangest talent?: I can talk in an Indian Accent
11. You have infiltrated Panda Express Headquarters in order to procure their secret recipes. While making your exit, you are spotted by the security guards. What is your plan of action?: Grab the nearest tray of Orange Chicken, wait until they are close enough and then throw the artificial spicy meat in their faces. While they thrash in pain I will summon my Japanese Dragon and we will fly off into the sky victorious.
12. When was the last time you played air guitar?: I honestly don’t know…maybe the last time I was singing along to Journey?
13. Which shoe do you put on first?: The left
14. Are you wearing socks right now?: Yes actually. They’re pink and very dirty.
15. Favorite kind of pizza: Papa John’s Hawaiian Thin Crust
16. Do you wear a watch?: Nope
17. What were you doing last week at this time?: Probably taking a shower. I’m staying up kind of late…
18. Do you collect anything?: Not really…I like pulling pictures out of magazines.
19. Something that makes you happy every time you see it: Laughing babies. Or a panel on the first issue of “One Credit Class”
20. Scrunch or fold: Scrunch
21. You are the hero of a Japanese television show. What are you wearing, what are your secret powers and describe your magical transformation process?: I am wearing black leggings, a green tunic top with a black vest. I have green knee high boots and a fancy green and black mask. I am famous singer who fights crime when she’s not performing. And my transformation happens when I sing my first single that I have never performed in public. The world goes dark around me and a plethora of rainbow music notes surround me and I transform.
22. Your favorite time of day: If I can get up for it, early morning. I’ve never sat and watched the sunrise, like really sat and watched it without doing anything else, but I really want to.
23. Beach or Forest: Beach
24. Last time you got stopped by a cop or pulled over: I was in Bellevue for a conference and a huge group of us stopped in the mall to eat our Subway sandwiches. We pulled an extra bench over and hung out. Just as we were finishing the rent-a-cops came over and asked us how we moved the bench. It was hilarious.
25. If you could be in any television show or movie, what would it be and why?: I would have loved to be on Friends. It’s my favorite show and I laugh every time I watch it.
26. Do you doodle during class?: I do. They’re not very good but I do.
27. At the movie theatre which arm rest is yours?: I generally lean to the right.
28. How do you eat your cookies?: Normal sized bites. If they’re crunchy around the edges I’ll go around and eat the crunchy part first.
29. If you could only go abroad to one country, where would you go?: Greece
30. You are New York Fashion Week and have been hired by Armani to infiltrate Michael Kors’ runway show. What materials will you need to execute your plan: Vitamins and my Magical Japanese Microphone so I can transform into my Japanese Super Hero.
31. Have you ever ridden in a taxi cab?: Yes I have.
32. Have you ever stuck a foreign object up your nose: When I was little I got a piece of hot dog stuck up my nose. Literally stuck up my nose. And I also have used a tampon to stop a bloody nose while in the car.
33. Do you use the snooze button on your alarm clock?: I do. I have it go off twice with five minutes in between.
34. What is your best friends Mom’s name?: Janet, Nancy, Melinda, Cindy, Joan, Gail. Or Mommy. I call a lot of my friend’s mom’s “Mommy” Or Mrs. [Insert Name Here]’s Mommy.
35. Have you ever had a poem or song written about you?: Yes. Quite a few by my first boyfriend. I shredded all of them after we broke up.
36. Did you go to summer camp as a child?: I did! I also worked as a counselor for three summers!
37. If you knew you were going to be on a desert island, what kind of sandwich would you bring?: A PB&J. It would last longer. No meat or cheese or condiments like mayo to spoil.
38. What is your favorite thing to buy at OMM?: I really enjoy their hot chocolate…And their Italian Sodas…
39. Innie or Outie?: Innie.
40. Google or Yahoo: I say to Google it, but I use Yahoo.

Kelsey Page
“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” ~Matthew 6: 33-34


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