Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fold or Scrunch: The Mystery


While I was writing this, the song "Kelsey" by Metro Station came on my shuffle. I found it appropriate!

First of all, I would like to give a BIG HUGE shoutout of thanks to every single person who filled out a survey for me. I appreciate it so much and this was SUPER fun! I loved reading everyones answers and I hope you had fun filling them out and seeing yourself featured here.

So. Without further ado, I will solve the mystery of the "Fold or Scrunch" question. The full question would read, "Do you fold or scrunch your toilet paper?" I assumed that people knew what that meant. My friends and I had great debates over which was the preferred method in high school. It was quite a battle we had one day. If you wish to answer the question properly, feel free to drop a comment informing us. If not, that's ok too!

So I already posted the blog of my answers to my questionnaire. If you missed it you can find it here:

Below are the questions that YOU asked ME! If you feel that your answer is unsatisfactory, or that your question did not make it on to the list for some reason, OR you just want to ask me another question, feel free to send me a message and I will answer it for you! The questions are anonymous because that's just what I wanted to do!

1. Have you ever sent anything to PostSecret? I have not. I want to though. I have a couple ideas written out. I just have to make the post card.
2. If you could be an animal what would it be and why? I guess I would be a cat. They always seem pretty happy. Curling up in the sunshine or on a warm lap and just purring would make me happy.
3. What is your favorite song lyric? Oh wow...I think it depends on the day and the song that is stuck in my head. Like right now it’s “My mama told me when I was young/we are all born superstars.” The other day it was “Pretty pretty please/Don’t you ever ever feel/That you’re nothing/You are perfect.”
4. Would you rather be stuck on a plane with snakes or with loud and crazy monkeys?? God forbid I would ever be on a plane with snakes. Snakes terrify me. They give me the heebie-jeebies. I can handle the monkeys.
5. Something (share-able) you feel guilty about, but definitely don’t regret: I think it would be a moment when I lied. I was a chronic liar when I was younger.
6. Of all of the books ever written, which one do you wish you had come up with? Oh man. This is a hard one. I think Inkheart. I love writing and reading fantasy and I could have come up with Inkheart!
7. What is the best adventure you've ever been on? I have been on a lot of adventures. And most of them have been incredibly fun because I was with people that I loved dearly. I think most of what makes an adventure amazing is the people that you are with.
8. Miss Kelsey Girl: If you had to tattoo someone’s name on your arm, whose would it be? I dunno. I don’t think I would get a tattoo, let alone tattoo someone’s name on my arm. But I feel like I would be the person who got absolutely smashed for once in my life and then went to go get a tattoo of my boyfriend’s name. That would be the one stupid thing I would do in my life that I would absolutely regret forever.
9. Would you rather Kick a puppy or make a Child cry? Why? Honestly, I wouldn’t want to do either. Ever. But since the person who asked this will probably force me to answer, I would have to say make a child cry, if it was an accident. That way I can comfort him/her. I could pull them into my lap and snuggle them and make them feel better.
10. What is the most ridiculous pet name for a significant other you can think of? Snoogy-Woogy. I don’t know. Don’t judge.
11. Imagine yourself riding on a hippo. Where are you? Why are you riding a hippo? Is there anyone with you? ;) I am on an adventure in New York City. I am riding a hippo because it escaped from the zoo and I am riding it back to the zoo with someone who means a lot to me.
12. If you could have any job in the universe what would it be? Well…I guess I would really like to be an author and have books published. That way I would be forced to write down all of the stories that I have floating around in my head. Which would in turn make room for more. If you ever want to look at something I’ve written, lemme know!
13. If you were to write a book about your life, what period of time in your life would you want to be the most profound? Probably the next portion of my life. After I graduate and really head out into the world on my own. No school, no teachers, no parents. That would make a really good book I think.
14. If you could send this questionnaire to one celebrity and guarantee that they would answer every question truthfully, who would it be and why? Ryan Reynolds. He’s number one on my freebie list and I would want to know these random things about him.
15. If you had to pick one secret about you that everyone would know, what would it be? Oh man. I don’t know. Most people know most things about me. I don’t keep secrets from my really close friends. It helps people understand me better and that’s how I connect with people.
16. What do you think has been the most peaceful moment in your life? Anytime I am out under the stars. I don’t get to do it very often and I love just looking up at them. I have never done it with someone that wasn’t a platonic friend though. If I could plan my first date, I would want to go do that….
17. If you could script one day of your life, how would it play out? With song and dance. Actually…I kinda already live my life with song. I have a song for pretty much anything. And usually I sing the lyrics wrong. So I would just have songs for everyone else to sing and a choreographer would come and help us all dance.
18. Kittens or Puppies…and why? Can I pick both? They’re both so snuggly and sweet and precious.
19. If you found a magic lamp and the Genie said he could grant you any wish for just one day, what would it be? To bring all of my dearest friends together at Disneyland with just us and I would spend a day with all of the people that I love.
20. Why did you come to PLU? It was on a list that I had made for me and when I came up to visit my grandparents for Thanksgiving I came and took a tour. I got to sing with Choir of the West and that was when I knew I was supposed to be here. :)
21. If you could live in any time period in history, when would you live and why? Hmmmm….this is a tricky one. I think the Victorian Era. I have always loved the look of the time and, while women didn’t have a whole lot then, I would have been able to be involved in music and have a family with kids, which are the bare bones of what I want to do now. So if I lived then I would get to do all of that while wearing fun clothes!
22. What was your first impression of me before we became friends? Hmmm…I guess I thought that you were a sweet girl. I don’t really remember. I didn’t know you that well and then suddenly we were friends. :D
23. Who is your favorite historical figure? Man. I don’t know. Why is everyone asking me really hard questions! I love it though. I think Martin Luther King Jr. Every time I hear one of his speeches it just gives me goose bumps.
24. The Zombie Apocalypse is here! Now! RIGHT THE-HELL NOW! What that is in the room with you right now do you grab on to way to the door, and where do you go to seek refuge? I don’t go anywhere. I grab my phone and call everyone and tell them to come to my house because it’s on the second floor and we have food and heat and everything we need to win the war.

Kelsey Page“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” ~Matthew 6: 33-34

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